Friday, January 4, 2013

Second Full Week

I think the first week of training is easy. By the time your body registers the tiredness/soreness the week is over. If your second week doesn't happen then you simple take a few extra days of recovery. No problem. But if the fear of ___ (enter your race distance here) miles scares the bejezes out of you, the second week actually happens. The first week hits you, then BAM, you slam right into the second week. It takes a bit of psychological commitment to kick the second week into gear because you're already a bit sore. Take today for example. My 3 year old isn't sleeping well so an early morning workout didn't happen. Then I sit through a bunch of meetings and project work and it's 4PM before I can get my workout in. Sun is going down, mercury is taking a dive. Sigh. Lace it up and feed the crazy well into the dark hours of a Friday night.
Throw into the muscle confusion theory a serious 1.5 hours of dodge ball after a 1.5 hour spinning class. Sure, dodge ball you say. Uh huh. It was a tough match up and the whole right side of my body is sore. My right shoulder, my right obliques, my right lat ... you get the picture. I clearly do not play enough dodge ball.
Now I face a long run tomorrow to cap off the week. It will have to be early because Saturday is holy ground with my wife and kids. They don't take too kindly with me using every Saturday as a canvas for my running. So the questions now is outside in very cold temps or inside on the dreadmill. Ugh. I'm seriously longing for the late spring early fall weather when I can head outside in a tee shirt and be good for the whole run.
On top of all of this I'm in serious need for new shoes. I'm looking at several different models from Pearli Izumi, Altra, and Brooks. I haven't purchased road shoes for what feels like several years. But 100+ miles of road in the race dictate the need for some road shoe and road training. New shoes won't get here in time for tomorrow's run. It'll be old shoes ... but road or mill?
Whoever said running was simple was a liar. A cold blooded, conniving, thoughtless liar. The action of running is simple, but "running" as a whole can be very complicated. Compounded by family, race choice, gear needs, weather, and motivational levels.

Gear or no gear, inside our out, sleep or no sleep .... I'm gonna feed my crazy.

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