Monday, December 31, 2012

Divide 135 in 2013

Here is the challenge. Positioned by Shannon Price as the Badwater of the Rockies. The Divide 135. Why train for 100 miles when you can train for 135? What is 100 miles after all, but a random number celebrated by thousands of the most talented runners as one of the most challenging distances? What is 100 miles other than a goal just as unreachable as the Olympics for the average runner. Why aren't I training for a 100 mile race before I try 135?

Good Question.

I could say that I suffer from a deplorable lack of common sense. I could say that I have too many ultra runner friends who day in and day out perform amazing feats of endurance. I could say that deep down inside me I feel a serious need to pit myself against something that may seem impossible if you stare it in the face. I hope by the end I'll have a better answer. But step by step, mile by mile, I'm going to train for the Divide 135. Day by day, and month by month I'm going to mold myself into the runner I believe I can be and toe the line in May.

Divide 135 .... you've been called out. I'm coming. Blood, sweat and tears will be shed. It will be a battle of epic proportions.

I'm gonna Feed My Crazy.

How are you challenging yourselves? What are your stretch goals? What stars are you reaching for in 2013?

Saturday, December 29, 2012

More about you

Feed Your Crazy is an evolution and every day I learn more about it. Today was a mental training day for two of my friends: Shannon Price and Josh Sykes. They are both more than capable of the runs they were doing this morning, but doing them on the small track and the treadmill kicks the mental game way up. So I joined them. Using the treadmill allowed me to work on my thoughts as I tried to zone out.
While I was thinking about Feed Your Crazy a friend jumped on the treadmill next to me. Tyler is looking to jump into three Xterra triathlons. The last is a step up from the sprint. And that got me thinking. Feed Your Crazy isn't just about running 135 miles ... that's just my next challenge. For some it is fighting the voice inside telling them they can't overcome complacency by getting off the couch. For some it is feeling like they can't change their place in life. Feed Your Crazy means that we believe we are capable of more than commonly accepted and that is different for everyone.
I'm really interested in hearing what everyone is looking to overcome this year. 2013 is a year to Feed Your Crazy. And we want to help make you accountable for getting it done.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Feed Your Crazy has officially begun. Thanks to Shannon Price for driving me to this ridiculous challenge. There are people out there that just secrete a chemical into the air that pushes you to believe you can do anything. Shannon has been doing this to me. And while and running through the night on Magnolia Road in 18 degree temps for 30 miles his influence overcame my good sense.
I have not even been accepted yet, but I'm planning on signing up to train for and run The Divide 135. That's right. 135 miles of Colorado glory. I've already begun training and devising strategies.

The first step was to start this blog. "Feed Your Crazy" was a collaborative idea that started because as an athlete and a runner I cannot count all of the times I've heard "you're crazy", "Dude, that's crazy"... you get the deal. Well, Shannon and I, along with ultra runners, triathletes, cyclists, kick boxers, adventure racers, martial artists, and many others believe "crazy" isn't so crazy. It's healthy. So we've started the line ... Feed Your Crazy. Because sometimes it is necessary to feed the crazy inside us. It keeps us warm when it is cold. It keeps us training when the mornings come especially early, or start a training  especially late. It keeps us fighting when people tell us that it is impossible.

135 miles? I'm gonna feed my crazy from now until May 17th. Then My Crazy is gonna keep me going.

I'll be using this blog to talk about my experience of training, sleeping, eating, and living the life of crazy. Because I still have to work, take care of my clients, love my family and support all that they are in my life. Which means Feeding My Crazy will have to happen in the early or very late hours of the day. I'm going to print my own shirts to keep my crazy happy, and to let everyone know .... yes, I know, it's crazy... and I'm feeding it.

How do you Feed Your Crazy?